Ogors not hungry, just thirsty

Ages of tradition may have come to an end as the Mawtribes, historically organised their shared hunger, have come to the conclusion that they may not have been ravenous at all, just thirsty.

The catalyst for the discovery was Ooglak Big Gullet who, some months ago, was famously able to attain a feeling of fullness after finishing his meal. His tribe’s top Butchers were quickly on the case, and identified the multiple kegs of water he had earlier consumed as the defining difference between him and his tribemates.

“It makes sense,” reflected Slaughtermaster Bolg, who led the study. “The Gulping God always sounded like it would be more water-based anyway.”

The discovery has taken the Mawtribes by storm, with many Ogors taking to the Realms’ lakes and oceans in great Gutbarges to satiate their thirst. This has put them into conflict with the secretive Deepkin, whose resistance to the invaders has been led by the Akhelian Queen Bosann. Despite arbitration by Alarielle and Sigmar, the Aqua-Queen Hunger Wars show no signs of stopping.

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