Realm of Flavour discovered, cooks rejoice

After years of research and experimentation, the mages at the Collegiate Arcane have finally proved what was previously thought impossible; the existence of Fierin, the Realm of Flavour. 

Rumours of the mythical realm had long-swirled around the learned castes of Azyr, but there had been no evidence to support them. The main obstacle was the lack of realm-gates, making any expedition to the fabled Fierin impossible.

“That all changed when we discovered the Deep Gates,” explained Lord-Arcanum Ramses, the research head of the team searching for the realm. “By taking vast cauldrons of oil, and heating them to a particular point, we were able to create a form of artificial realm-gate.”

The researchers found that once protected in a mystic shielding of flour, water, and other magic reagents, an individual could pass through these Deep Gates and emerge on the other side. The vistas of flavour and smell on the other side were quickly identified as the fabled realm of Fierin. 

Since then the Collegiate Arcane has moved fast to establish a foothold within Fierin, and are currently recruiting volunteers to go through the gates and help claim the realm for Sigmar. All those interested should report to their local Flavourtown Establishment Office today.

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