Rogue necromancer destabilises adventuring party

A revival of the Pantheon has been short-lived, the Azyr Weekly is unhappy to report, with the group splintering mere weeks into its reformation.

The Azyr Weekly understands that Sigmar had negotiated a comeback for the group, with the goal of engaging in heroic adventures and delving into dungeons. Sigmar himself would act as the group’s deadly champion, Alarielle as the healer, and Nagash as the shadowy rogue.

Initial reports indicate the group saw some success, with mythical beasts slain and treasure earned. The split appears to have formed when it came to light that Nagash, who had thus far been keeping to the shadows, had been siphoning off souls from every battle fought. Rumours that he had been planning on stabbing Sigmar in his sleep were unfounded, but worrying.

It seems unlikely for the Pantheon to reform at this stage, with the Aelven gods refusing to disclose their schedules and Gorkamorka reportedly more into political intrigue than dungeon crawling nowadays. Anyone who wishes to join the group should contact their local Stormkeep, and ask for the resident Soulbinder.

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