Azyrite inventor dismisses lightning, introduces lizard blood

Eccentric inventor and entrepreneur Melon Usk has once again shaken up society with his inventions. His latest plan; to replace the use of lightning in constructs with a form of petrified lizard blood.

Studies have revealed that lizard blood is much more plentiful than previously thought, existing not only in lizards but also deep underground in vast reservoirs that can be drilled and tapped. Combined with the ability to safely keep the liquid inside bottles, it is clear that the material has some attractiveness as a potential fuel.

“We’re totally shifting the paradigm,” confirmed Usk at a recent conference. “It’s no longer a novel reagent for wizards and mages, lizard blood is now for the people!”

Seraphon mages have issued a series of dire prophecies, warning that the fumes from this fuel could have devastating future consequences for the future of the planet. Usk has brushed off these criticisms, saying that they come from a ‘purely self-interested group’ and are ‘obviously biased’.

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