Nature returning to cities, citizens panic

For the past several weeks many cities of the Mortal Realms have been in lockdown to prevent the spread of Crow Plague. Although initial accounts reported deserted streets and empty fields, the lockdown has led to nature returning to many corners of the Mortal Realms previously taken over by civilisation. This has of course led to a certain amount of anxiety on the part of many residents.

“At first it was nice, you know? A bit of peace and quiet,” described local serf Olja. “But just the other day a cloud of floating swords was patrolling up and down my street. They say they’re only dangerous to Chaos worshippers but I’m not so sure. They took out Hubert, and he seemed perfectly nice to me.”

Resident expert Clair Xander has advised citizens not to panic, describing many of these magical entities as ‘a bit underpowered’ and easily ‘dispelled’ by a friendly wizard. If you do not have a wizard to hand then Dob recommends either ‘running away’ or ‘moving it towards an enemy’. The mechanics of this remain unclear.

Mages of the Collegiate Arcane have been approached for comment, but a giant glowing ball of coalesced death energy outside their reception has so far prevented their response.

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