General with grey army kicked out of war

Tensions are running high in the War of the Seven Grots as Reginald the Oblique, a Freeguild general known for his eccentricities, has had his army turned away from the front. The reason given by High Command is that the entire force is a shade of pale grey and so doesn’t meet the Freeguild uniform requirements.

‘Every soldier in Sigmar’s armies is required to conform to a simple set of rules’ confirmed a press release sent by the High Command. ‘They must turn up on time, they must obey orders, and they must present with at least three different colours on their person. Reginald’s force simply does not meet this requirement.’’

Reginald has protested what he calls unnecessary restrictions, arguing that his army is just as effective as a coloured one.

‘If you don’t worry about them being colourful you can raise an army in a tenth of the time you might otherwise expect! We’re here to protect Sigmar’s realms, not to look pretty!’

He has also refused to respond to questions regarding where he managed to find his monochrome force, simply tapping the side of his nose and winking.

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