‘Geological Marvel’ – Loonshrine On The Move

A conference of the Azyrite Geological Society this year has been headlined by a controversial paper. Titled The Mountain Walked – An Investigation into Grottish Geology it describes the reported phenomena of a massive carved mountain following a Gloomspite army around the Mortal Realms.

‘We don’t like to say followed’ clarified head researcher Theodora Klink. ‘We don’t have any evidence of the mountain actually walking, yet.’

Instead what the researchers have found is that no matter where the Gloompsite army does battle, a mountain carved into the facsimile of the ‘Bad Moon’ inevitably appears in their midst. Daring interns managed to return samples of the rock, which confirmed that it is the same ‘Loonshrine’ appearing each time. How the mountain is able to move remains a mystery;

‘At first we thought the mountain might just appear when enough grots get in one place,’ explains Klink. ‘But our interns have confirmed that the Loonshrine is coloured to match this particular army’s uniform, which makes the whole thing that much more bizzare.’

Other findings from the researchers include a confirmation that the Loonshrine is able to potentially birth or ‘summon’ Grots, who often appear identical to those slain earlier in the battle. These replacements only seem to appear around half the time, and in half the numbers of those killed, with no obvious explanation as to why. Klink and her team are hoping to use the conference to gather additional funding to continue the study, with their initial investors ‘Sigmarite Cities Collective’ looking to utilise any findings to developing their own moving mountain.
For those interested in attending the conference, other symposiums include Charisma of a Rock – ‘Commanding’ Terrain and Its Effects, as well as Sinister Terrain Can’t Hurt You – Being Brave in the Face of Rocks. Entry is free with the presentation of an interesting looking stone.

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