‘Stop eating your taxes’, complains local Bone Tither

The Nagishizzar Tax Department, also known as the Ossiarch Bonereapers, has issued a warning to local ogor tribe ‘The Black Snakes’. It appears that instead of giving their regular tithe of bones and other osseous artefacts, they have been eating them instead.

Vokmortian, the Master of the Bone Tithe, had this to say: “It is immensely disappointing to see the Gutbuster tribes ignoring their legal obligations in such a way. Bones are for tithing, not for eating, and there are significant penalties in store for those who ignore their responsibilities”

The Azyr Weekly understands that the Black Snakes’ refusal to pay their tithe stems from a deep-seated feeling of resentment and powerlessness.

‘Bone-men take bones, give Black Snakes nothing’ explained tribal leader Stubb the Untrodden. ‘Black Snakes not know what bones used for, do not get say in what bones used for. So, Black Snakes no give bones’

At last report the Black Snakes were in talks with neighbouring Ogor tribes in an effort to build a Ogroid Federation to beat back the Bonereapers. Vokmortian was unavailable for comment, but is understood to be assembling a ‘focused auditing group’ in order to ‘forcefully maximise the realisation of obligations’ by the Black Snakes.

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