Firebelly still searching for sense of belonging

Neither a Beastclaw Raider nor a Gutbuster, the lonely Firebelly leads a solitary existence. Worshipping Gorkamorka as the Sun Eater, the Firebelly hopes to emulate his god through the consumption and belching of flame. However they often find that life needs more than just the ability to breath fire.

“I look at other ogors, and they have mates and good pals,” confided one Firebelly to us. “Sometimes I feel close to the Sun Eater, and that’s good. But it would be more good to have other ogors to share it with.”

Our readers will be pleased to know that this story has a happy ending. After being encouraged to speak with his Butcher cousins, the Firebelly has found a home within a Gutbuster warglutt.

“Every morning I heat up the Mawpot, and every evening I set up the campfires. I’m breathing just as much fire as before, but now with the company of friends. The Maw is good.”

Local Ogor able to stand so still he becomes invisible

We have received news from Ghur of an ogor that possesses a deeply unusual talent. Through deep meditation and strength of will he is able to sooth his hungry nature, quiet his gut, and stand so perfectly still he becomes invisible to the naked eye.

Despite our exhaustive search we were unable to find any individuals who could claim to have met or seen the ogor, but the myth of the Bloodpelt Hunter was rife in every village and camp we visited. Some said he could bullseye a gnoblar at a hundred paces with his crossbow, or impale even the gnarled hide of a stegadon with his spear. All agreed that he could tiptoe as lightly as a sunbeam, though opinions differed as to whether his scent was similarly dainty.

Whether it is possible to sift truth from fiction in this case is perhaps beyond the ability of even our intrepid journalists. But should the Bloodpelt Hunter exist, we should all live in fear. For who is to say whether that muffled rumble is merely a wagon passing by your home, or instead the calling card of an ogor who has just popped inside for tea.

Ogors try adding gunpowder to artillery, reap benefits

A technological breakthrough for the Mawtribes this week as Gutsmiths begin to remove the compressed-air canisters from their Ironblasters and replace them with packets of gunpowder. The resultant explosions are reportedly highly impressive, and have given the Mawtribes a significant advantage on the battlefield.

“Don’t know why we didn’t think of it earlier,” admitted veteran Leadbelcher Hurgagg Blastguts. “Thought blackpowder was just gritty seasoning until a Gnoblar tried to toast it.”

This new discovery is set to take the Warglutts by storm, and propel the Underguts in particular to new levels of power and respect. Beastclaw Raider tribes have reportedly taken to experimenting with the powder to launch their Stonehorns even higher, a truly worrying development for their enemies but an entertaining one for the ogors themselves.