Sigmar goes cleanshaven, Mortal Realms unconvinced

In an effort to freshen up his appearance, Sigmar Heldenhammer has shaved off his beard and moustache, presenting a younger more beautiful face to the Mortal Realms. Those closest to him however remain unsure.

‘He’s lost quite a bit of his majesty’ said Vandus Hammerhand, speaking on condition of anonymity. ‘With a beard he was respectable, like a father. But without… Well, I’m having trouble adjusting.’

‘He was hot, and now, he’s not’ confirmed Mortahi, High Oracle of Khaine. 

Sigmar himself is quite pleased with his transformation, and has begun to invest in a large collection of stylish hats and other accessories. He has even hinted at opening another chamber of Stormcast Eternals, referred to only as the ‘Vogue Chamber’.

None of the other gods could be reached for comment, but our Shysian correspondent has reported that the Realm of Death has been echoing with Nagash’s laughter for at least the past week. 

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