Archaon regrets making Varanguard armour so fiddly

The Three-Eyed King has been locked inside the Varanspire for weeks now, refusing audiences to all but his most accomplished acolytes. After careful rummaging through the Varandumpsters we can confidently report the following: Archaon is readying more Varanguard, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

“On paper? Beautiful. In practice? Not so much,” explained an anonymous Varanguard when asked about his arms and armour. “Delightful filigree on the helmet and shoulder pads, but it’s damned hard to clean. I certainly don’t envy whoever crafted it in the first place.”

Our Eightpoints correspondent has reported howls of misery and despair coming from the Varanspire, not necessarily unusual but reportedly delivered with significantly more force and power. We have tasked our seers with trying to perceive the actions being taken by Archaon, but they have been unable to discern whether he is attaching the little horns to the side of the horses’ armour, or polishing the edges of the armour’s trim. All agree that Khorne’s favour is currently in the ascendant.

Whatever the case may be, Azyrite strategists are preparing for the inevitable, and readying for a massive campaign once Archaon finishes his task and seeks to vent out his frustrations.

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