Nomadic Mawtribes due to rising house prices, say experts

The roving Warglutts of the Ogor Mawtribes have long posed a significant danger to the Free Cities, in particular the fledgling hamlets being settled by Dawnbringer expeditions. Several studies have been ordered to address the problem, and hopefully discover a strategy to eliminate the threat. The first to be published this morning has come with a surprising conclusion; that the nomadic lifestyle of the Ogor is mostly due to the Realms’ high costs of living.

“What we found was essentially a cycle of settlement and nomadery,” explains Ogor cultural expert Thulia von Gelage. “Ogors are naturally inclined to reside in the fortresses that we know as Gluttholds. Unfortunately for them, rising prices inevitably make their lifestyle unsustainable. Their solution, which is quite ingenious really, is to embark on continuously growing Mawpaths around the Glutthold eating everything in sight. Over time this crashes the property value of the area, meaning they can eventually return to their Glutthold once market rent has decreased to a sustainable level.”

The discovery has opened several potential avenues of exploration for Sigmar and his generals, most of which involve increasing the economic base of the Ogor Mawtribes, in turn enabling them to afford to maintain their assets in the current economic environment. Despite the significant economic investment, plans are already being drawn up in the Sigmarabulum to invest in Ogor run-restaurants and culinary schools.

Some fringe academics have proposed expanding this strategy to include those human populations seen as vulnerable to the Ruinous Powers, the theory going that societies who are confident in their wellbeing won’t need to turn to the Dark Gods to keep their heads above water. There has been significant pushback on this front however, with Azyrite spokespeople insisting that if those communities really wanted to stay loyal then they’d make it work themselves.

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