Slaanesh loosens bonds, requests they be re-tied even harder

Alarming news today as we learn that Slaanesh, the Dark Prince of Excess, has begun to loosen their bonds in the secret sub-realm of Uhl-Gysh. However all is not lost, as the Lord of Perfection has reportedly demanded that their captors chain them up even tighter than before.

The situation has caused significant consternation amongst the aelven deities, who must attempt to balance maintaining the eternal bondage of their hated foe against their deep-seated instinct to do the opposite of whatever the Dark Prince says. We asked local Slaaneshi expert Sooze the Wilful for some insight;

“It can go either way, really. On the one hand this could be a clever attempt at reverse psychology by the Dark Prince, but it’s more likely that they got lost in the experience and just want to see how imprisoned they can actually get.”

The news has been gladly received by the followers of Slaanesh, who find the prospect of their god voluntarily reversing their escape to be tantalisingly agonising. Teclis has already had to intercept several letters of encouragement, all written in the bloody tears of Slaanesh’s favoured Keepers of Secrets.

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