Leaked report details shocking lack of pay for Stormcast

Despite acting as Sigmar’s chosen children in the Realms, representing the God-King himself to those who worship him, the Stormcast Eternals’ compensation has remained a mystery to all. That is until recently when a leak from the Sigmarabulum revealed that Stormcast are not paid at all.

“We’re all a bit taken aback,” confirmed Lord-Celestant Vandus Hammerhand. “We never talked about it, but everyone assumed that they were making a sacrifice and fighting without pay for the love of Sigmar so that our siblings-in-arms could be compensated. To learn that everyone was under that assumption, and that no one was getting paid, is a blow.”

Sigmar has refused to comment on the allegations, but the leak included documents that specified the sort of individual chosen to be a Stormcast. These qualities included a ‘passion for the God-King’s aims’, ‘a willingness to go the extra mile’, and ideally ‘a lack of experience in similar god-forged militaries’. Some have pointed out that such wording puts the focus on individuals less likely to ask for pay and benefits.

Supporters of Sigmar have pointed out that the opportunities afforded to the Stormcast (functional immortality, the chance to fight for Sigmar) more than make up for lack of financial compensation. Critics have responded by outlining the severe physical and mental strain Stormcast are put through during their service, alongside the benefits similar armies are afforded by their deities (the knucklebones provided to Mortek Guard every month being a particular example).

No word has yet been issued from Sigmar’s chambers, and there are rumours that many Stormhosts are planning to go on strike. Their demands include paid annual leave entitlements, more frequent updates to their armaments and doctrines, as well as not having to pay for their own arms and armour anymore.

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