“It’s just not the same” – Tzeentchian hosts lament disappearance of Changehost

Some time has passed since Sigmar revealed his new rules of war to the Realms, and many factions are now enjoying the refreshed and updated flow of battle. Not so for the Disciples of Tzeentch, who have quickly become mired in nostalgia for their old formations.

“It was a hell of a time,” reminisced local acolyte Al’ir’ex’sin. “The whole army would deploy as quick as a grot’s fart, and daemons would be zapping from here to there, just like that! It was a beauty to behold.”

Those times are now over for the Disciples, as Sigmar forbids armies from deploying in culturally bespoke arrangements. For the Disciples and their supporters this represents a catastrophic loss, leaving them with only the reality defying splitting of the Pink Horrors and a mastery over chance and destiny itself to win their wars. Their rivals strongly disagree with this assessment, citing exactly the same reasons.

For those acolytes who simply cannot get over their loss, experts have recommended that they engage in mock historical battles with other factions. Though this would allow them to utilise the Changehost formation, the jury is out as to whether they will be able to find any rivals willing to humour them.

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