Embarrassment as battle schedules clash

Unrest has hit the Realms upon news that two highly anticipated wars, the War of the Open City (WOC) and the War of Malefic Carnage (WMC), have been scheduled over the same blood-soaked weekend.

The marshall of WOC has received much of the blame, since they were the second of the pair to announce the dates for their war. They are unrepentant however, pointing out that the WMC had already run out of space by the time they announced the WOC. They have appealed to the Khornate demographic, insisting that more wars can only be a good thing.

Negotiations between the two parties continue, with many hoping for a reschedule that would allow them to fight in both wars. Some truly enterprising generals are planning for the worst, training a series of messenger squigs to carry orders between the two battles and allow them to fight on both fronts.

Whatever the result, the office of Sigmar Heldenhammer has taken the opportunity to remind all generals that wars are meant to be fun, and to act accordingly.

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