“They stole our god,” allege Beastmen

Controversy in Ghur recently as the Beasts of Chaos bring legal action against the Forces of Destruction in response to their hiring of Kragnos, the End of Empires.

The main thrust of the lawsuit is that Kragnos, who until recently had been trapped underneath a mountain, has illegally joined Destruction in violation of the Kroak Accords. This series of treaties, signed during the Age of Myth, codified what many recognise as the current Grand Alliances of the Mortal Realms. It did so by creating charts that measured culture, religious belief, and appearance, which could then be used by the great powers to sort entities into the different factions. It has remained unchanged since the Age of Chaos, when the Nagash Amendments were added to create the Alliance of Death.

Under the Kroak Accords, the Beastmen allege, Kragnos should belong to the Alliance of Chaos. This is due to his centigor-like appearance, his disregard for Gorkamorka, and his antagonism towards Lord Kroak, notorious Chaos-hater.

The defence is being led by Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork, who is confident in his client’s chances, declaring “Da Beastboys haven’t won a battle yet, and dey ain’t gonna win one now.”

The initial hearings have been complicated by the appearance of the Lumineth Realm-lords who have claimed Kragnos for their own. Their argument rests on the fact that, as a cow who lived in a mountain, he should be swearing allegiance to the Alarith Temples.

2 thoughts on ““They stole our god,” allege Beastmen

  1. I was sure on who would win a case like this, the kroak accords should be structurally sound but I never expected the lumineth to come in with such a convincing argument


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