Investigation: Where in the World is Ulfenkarn?

Azyrite society has been shaken after the sudden and unexplained disappearance of Ulfenkarn, popularly known as the Cursed City. Until recently it was considered an important destination for vampire hunters and evangelists of the Sigmarite faith, but was recently expunged from Azyrite records without warning. Visitors to the site report seeing a sizeable smoking crater, with no signs of (un)life.

Our elite journalistic agents were able to infiltrate the Order of Azyr, and discovered several records pertaining to Ulfenkarn amongst their secret archives. The documents indicate that the Order had future plans for the Cursed City and had lined up a series of grizzled and experienced adventurers to plunge into its depths, but with no hint as to a timeline or schedule. It appeared that many papers had already gone missing, presumably into the burning furnace in the next room. Our agents were unable to locate the documents on a return visit.

Sigmar himself has been silent on the matter, refusing to comment on what was previously a highly prestigious crusade. The Stormcast Eternals, who were not a part of the original expedition, have also declined to talk to our reporters. Whether jealousy encouraged such drastic action cannot be proven, and we would certainly not suggest it without any evidence, however cloaked visitors were spotted near the supposedly closed Ruination Chambers shortly before Ulfenkarn’s disappearance. Rest assured that we will follow this lead and report any findings back to our readers.

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