‘Bloodthirsty’ an offensive term, claim vampires

A petition has just been submitted by the Soulblight Dynasties of Shyish, outlining their belief that ‘bloodthirsty’ as a term is offensive to vampires and should be retired.

“We can’t help our nature,” explained organiser of the petition Mervilen von Sang. “Sometimes we, as vampires, are thirsty for blood. It’s a thing that happens. It’s offensive to us that our natural proclivities are used as a synonym for savagery and violence by our fellow beings in the Realms. Come to think of it, the idea that our souls are blighted isn’t very polite either!”

The petition has been welcomed by some in Azyr who hope that it will provide an opportunity to improve relations with the Soulblight Gravelords. Others disagree, pointing out that the petition appears to have been written in the blood of the 63rd Azyrite Regiment of Foot, who had recently vanished in the Shyish innerlands. 

An official response from Sigmar has not been forthcoming, the god-king supposedly balancing the potential risks and benefits from dealing with the vampires. Commentators remain doubtful, keeping in mind his previous response when the Soulblight offered donations to set up a Realms-wide blood donation service.

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