Skaven jealous, demand upgrades

After several months of watching their rivals unveil new and improved versions of their ancient heroes, the Skaven of Blight City have begun to agitate the Council of Thirteen for upgrades themselves.

“Not fair-fair,” explained a local clanrat. “Frog-thing get new chair, daemon-thing get growth-gains, while Eshin-allies look like monkey-things!”

Acting in response to the unrest, Eshin spies infiltrated Blight City’s archives, with their findings landing the Council of Thirteen in hot water. The raid revealed that although the Council previously did have the resources to advance their civilisation they squandered it all on developing different variations of Verminlord, alongside a new mount for Thanquol. Although Skyre did get a win with their Stormfiends, the long-needed upgrades for their Acolytes and weapons teams were deliberately ignored.

The Council have promised “many big-great advancements, yes-yes” in the coming months, relying on the Necroquake’s dissipation to open up access to new reserves of warpstone. Despite promises that it won’t be spent on an even bigger Boneripper for Grey Seer Thanquol, many clanrats remain unconvinced.  

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