Commentators spawn new god, Lord of Hot Takes

Weeks of tremors and quakes have finally subsided, and their origin has now become clear. A brand new ruinous power, provisionally named the Lord of Hot Takes, has been born in the Realm of Chaos.

This event has come as little surprise to daemonologists, who have long warned of the dangers of excessive provocative opinions. We spoke to a local expert:

“For a healthy society it’s important that citizens are able to express controversial opinions. Historically Azyrite society has been able to balance controversy and good faith discussions, but recent months have seen an escalation in the discourse. Some individuals now interact with each other purely through the medium of hot takes, and it’s inevitable that this development would be reflected in the Realm of Chaos.”

Commentators have been quick to discourage anyone from laying blame with particular groups, indicating that the issue lay with the culture as a whole. Some have labelled this stance to be a hot take in and of itself, forcing them to retract their statement. Several factions have claimed the god as their own, and are now competing to craft the hottest takes in specially built controversy-dungeons to gain their favour.

Meanwhile in the Realm of Chaos the new god has been settling in nicely. They have made particular friends with Khorne, who is said to appreciate their ‘sassy attitude’.

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