Disease caused by ‘germs’, not tiny daemons, insists lunatic

Refuting hundreds of years of experience and research, a local apothecary is breaking the mold when it comes to the study of disease. Rather than the accepted theory of illness being caused by the malefic influence of Dark Gods, Antonia von Wenhok is insisting on what she calls Germ Theory.

“They’re tiny beings, smaller than the eye can see, and they spread by touch, in fluids, or even on people’s breath. It all makes sense if you just look at the evidence!”

The theory has been dismissed by many of the wise and learned of Azyr, who have pointed out several flaws in von Wenhok’s proposal. We have printed the strongest refutations here for your education:

  • How can such tiny creatures cause such significant harm to mortal beings, unless it’s through daemonic power?
  • If our bodies are full of germs at all times, as she proposes, why are we not constantly ill?
  • If they aren’t caused by daemons, why are illnesses cured in the majority of cases by burning at the stake?

We leave our readers to make their own conclusions, but remind them that refuting the doctrines of the Order of Azyr is punishable by staking.

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