‘Mannfred is actually alright’, admits everyone

After centuries of pretending to hate the Mortarch of Night, everyone in the Mortal Realms has decided to collectively admit that Mannfred is, at his core, a decent sort of fellow.

“I forgive him for all his mischief in the World-That-Was,” declared the God-King Sigmar. “Bygones are bygones. After all, it was quite funny.” Despite her bitter history with the vampire, Alarielle also supported the proclamation saying, “You simply can’t stay mad at the guy.”

Even Nagash has come onboard, pronouncing that “THE VON CARSTEIN IS A PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE MINION”. Arkhan the Black and Neferata were seen to roll their eyes, but have since begrudgingly offered their agreement.

Mannfred has purportedly taken this shocking development in his stride. When asked for comment he merely shrugged, saying “People were bound to come to their senses eventually”. Nonchalance aside, spectators have noticed a significant spring in the step and gleam in the eye of the notoriously bitter and reclusive mortarch.

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