Lumineth shocked, confused, at sudden doubling of army

After several months of having tightly curated armed forces the Lumineth Realm-lords have been blindsided by Teclis and Tyrion’s sudden revolution of their armies, with a bewildering array of options being provided to the Great Nations.

“It was reasonably simple before,” said a Lumineth general who spoke on condition of anonymity. “You had pikes, bows, and horses. Easy peasy. But now we have really big stationary bows, weird horses, and even swords? It’s a lot to think about.”

Protests are also arising from Lumineth hesitant to purchase the new requisition orders, pointing out that they had purchased the abridged orders only recently with many paying extra for gilded pages. The offer of a supplementary document that also contains a narrative recounting of the upcoming Shysian invasion has done little to mollify these complaints.

The twin gods have defended their decision, arguing that the slow introduction has made it easier for their children to train and arm their forces. When it was suggested that many of their leaders were finding the second wave overwhelming they refused to comment.

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