Local general fights battles slowly, enrages opponents

To the dismay of colleagues and rivals alike, Lord Medleny IX has achieved the dubious milestone of 100 battles fought while exceeding the time limit.

For those who have not fought in the noble Freeguild armies before; most battles are fought according to a schedule agreed upon beforehand by the competing forces. This ensures an orderly day for everyone involved, leading to more efficient logistics and avoiding protracted stalemates. It also guarantees that the potentially-widowed have a set timeframe where they might expect to receive any bad news, which is seen as a bonus for everyone involved.

Lord Medleny however is one of an infamous group that disregards these limitations on their battleplans, fighting at such a pace that the battle cannot possibly be concluded by the designated time. This leads to ambiguous outcomes, which Medleny will invariably claim as victories.

Efforts have been made to curtail this behaviour, such as having a third party constantly monitoring his actions or installing giant clocks over the battlefield. Many generals are currently considering not inviting Lord Medleny to any more wars, but none have had the courage to discuss this with him directly.

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