Teclis reported missing. Again.

The Realms’ Worst Dad is at it once more, neglecting to show up to pre-arranged events and failing to provide any sort of schedule for upcoming appearances.

Our regular readers will note that this is not the first time that this has happened. The Realm-lords’ initial arrival was hampered by several delays, and once arrived the Archmage was conspicuously missing. Only several months did Teclis emerge, demanding his children pay significant sums of gold for his appearance. That he has again disappeared on the eve of his planned invasion into Shyish might therefore come as no surprise.

Volturnos, High King of the Idoneth and the aelf with perhaps the most experience in Teclis-abandoment, has encouraged the Lumineth to turn their back on their father figure. He has suggested they retreat deep into the mountains, stating that the Idoneth ‘never looked back’ after their own ocean-bound exodus.

As we go to print the Lumineth have suffered a significant shock with the appearance of Be’lakor, the Dark Master. Sinister prophecies have suggested that the Daemon Prince has replaced Teclis and his planned war, and that the Lumineth should now offer him their allegiance. Most have dismissed these suggestions, but doubts remain

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