Fyreslayer society collapses, unable to tell each other apart

Tragedy has struck the lodges of the Fyreslayers. After years of confusion and outrage things have reached a tipping point, and angry Duardin are abandoning the traditions of their ancestors so that they can be recognised by their peers.

Until now the Slayers would traditionally eschew clothes, regardless of the weather, and wear their hair in orange mohawks. Although this produced a striking aesthetic individually, the lack of distinguishing features often led to groups of Fyreslayers being disregarded by other races. The current move of wearing clothes, makeup, and other accessories is hoping to reverse this trend.

“It’s about bloody time,” proclaimed Utrak Hatwearer, one of the leaders of the new wave of fashion. “We’ve been the laughing stock of the Realms for too long. Grimnir smite me if I say change is good, but sometimes it’s needed.”

Unsurprisingly a significant faction of Fyreslayers are opposing the move, claiming that it causes significant offense to their ancestors. When asked to identify the specific ancestors from a list of portraits they declined to comment.

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