Remember: Bretonnia Does Not Exist

We have been approached by the Order of Azyr to run a public education campaign in response to malicious rumours swirling in the populace. Please read the following from your local witch hunter’s office:

Bretonnia does not exist. There is no mythical land of cup worshipping horses or merwomen living in lakes. It is a fable created by the Enemy to take your mind off the struggle at hand.

You may have heard rumours of shining knights living in sewers, stealing out in the dead of night to perform gallant acts in the shadows. This is not true. These are the fantastic imaginings of deluded drunkards.

Anyone seen asking for grails, embarking on non-authorised quests, or praising ‘the Lady’ will be charged with sedition and public foolishness.

That is all.

Praise Sigmar.

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