Bugmansson outed as arms dealer

Loveable seasonal figure Jakkob Bugmansson XI has run into trouble in recent days. Despite his outwardly jolly image focused on bringing seasonal cheer, he has in fact been outed as a key player in the Azyrite war machine.

“Historically war has tended to ebb around this time of year, with everyone being worn out and their armaments in need of repair,” explained the concerned aelf whistleblower. “But Bugmansson makes sure everyone is well armed and armoured, meaning that the wars keep grinding on.”

The realisation has hit hard for many, especially children who have realised that their yearly delivery of crossbow bolts and sigmarite blades was actually preparing them for a life of war. Bugmansson had this to say in his defence:

“I am simply a jolly Duardin bringing joy to the Mortal Realms. It’s basic market forces. If people want war, then I bring them war.”

The funding of Bugmansson’s gift sack is being investigated as we go to print. Documentation indicating large donations from Khainites temples are being followed up, with Morathi denying any involvement.

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