Khainites unable to operate outside of temperate zones

A major review of the Daughters of Khaine, ordered by Morathi herself, has brought up a significant flaw in the cult; it is unable to operate in any environment with a climate lower than room temperature.

The blame has been laid at the feet of the minimalistic armour worn by many of the cult’s adherents which covers only the groin, breasts, and calves. This design lowers costs for Hagg Nar’s armourers and has ensured a steady crowd at their gladiatorial games, but provides no real protection against blades, clubs, or a slight chill.

Morathi has acknowledged the review’s findings, and has pledged to make her disciples ready for anything the Realms might throw at them. Recent sightings of Khainites Shadowstalkers wearing pants indicate that the situation is being taken seriously, but many wonder if it goes far enough.

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