Local Warglutt pursued by gargant

In normal circumstances a warglutt will be a place of sanctuary for an ogor, surrounded by others of their kind. The ogors of the Meatgrinder Warglutt have experienced quite the opposite however, as they continue to be pursued by a drunk, angry gargant.

“We don’t know what it wants,” confirmed Butcher Slaggarr. “It doesn’t try to eat our food or punt our gnoblars, it just follows us around drinking and yelling at us. It’s really unpleasant.”

Rumours persist that this gargant, nicknamed ‘the Unwanted’ is the same that pursued a mob of Ironjawz roughly two years ago. It is unknown how the orruks got rid of their troublesome acolyte back then, but the ogors are intending to sell it to a passing Sons of Behemat tribe.

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