Warriors’ spears to count as swords for battle

Consternation abounds at the Battle of the Soggy Plains as Lady Oss the Deceased has requested her opponent to allow her Skeleton Warriors to treat their rusty spears as rusty swords for the duration.

“I didn’t think it through while assembling the army,” explained Lady Oss. “The effectiveness of my skeletons would be significantly increased if they had swords instead. So in the spirit of good sportsmanship I thought I would ask.”

Her opponent, the fabled Reginald the Oblique, has different ideas.

“Things should be simple in a war. What you see should be what you get. And I see skeletons armed with spears! I’ll be damned if I give her an advantage just for the sake of feel goods.”

Despite negotiations between the two, there seems little sign of progress. Members of both camps are pessimistic about a solution being found, and fear that the argument may lead to violence.

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