Realms abandon ballot box, take up swords

After years of angst and non-violent debate, the Mortal Realms have collectively decided to abandon the democratic process and take up the much simpler and pleasant method of armed conflict.

“It’s nice to feel like you can do something, you know?” explained local activist Lokta the Bloodthirsty. “No more organising petitions or waiting for terms of office to expire. You just grab your knife and get to work.”

Experts are split on the exact cause of the upheaval, but they all agree that the old way of doing things had led to a significant level of pent up aggression in the populace. Many are hoping that the new system will act as a release valve, and that participants will act more civily towards each other than they have in the past.

Some commentators in Azyr have panned the move however, citing concerns that political power will now simply rest with the strongest and most brutal factions. Others have countered that this doesn’t represent much of a change at all.

For those interested in joining the rejuvenated political process, local party headquarters are currently enrolling for their militias. The Electoral Commission also welcomes independent warriors, and can assist with their registration in person or via squigmail. Greenskin interpreters are available.

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