Azyr War Compendium grown stale, outdated

Despite continued complaints from Azyrite generals, we are approaching the fifth month of Sigmar failing to update his famed War Compendium. 

Used by fighting forces throughout the Realms, the Compendium is often used to assist in the marshalling of armies or to assess the enemy’s strengths. However over time they have become obsolete, failing to account new current events in the Realms and displaying increasingly outdated information.

The reasoning behind the failure remains unclear. Sigmar himself had announced that it was due to his working on a second, much more impressive project. Frustration only grew when the project was revealed to be an illiterate grot in a box.

The ensuing debate has led to the forming of two main factions. The first is encouraging generals to forgo their usual tithe to Sigmar, reasoning that they should not support a seemingly abandoned project. The other faction supports the continued tithe, suggesting the funds will be necessary to teach the grot to read. The grot has thus far refused to comment.

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