Anvil of Apotheosis making nothing but ghosts

In an alarming turn of events the Anvil of Apotheosis, a piece of the grand machinery that forges the Stormcast Eternals, has begun churning a deluge of ethereal heroes and monsters out into the heart of Azyrheim itself.

“I don’t understand it meself,” claimed one of the hallowed Six Smiths. “There I was, hammering away like the blazes, when a blooming great Stonehorn just erupts out of the Anvil with a smarmy looking Ogor sitting on top. Never seen anything like it in me life.”

Answers are being demanded by the Azyrheim citizenry who are now being terrorised by the ghostly invaders. Reports from within the Sacrosanct Chambers suggest the cause is rooted in an initiative by Sigmar to forge additional heroes for his wars. That they might not all be on the side of Order seems to have been a significant oversight on the God-King’s part.

Any citizens who come across these apparitions should in the first instance loudly declare that they do not consent for the ghost to engage in combat with them. If this proves ineffective, we recommend simply shooting the hero.

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