Realm-lords abandoned, Teclis yet to appear

Despite assurances by the Lumineth Realm-lords that he’ll be here “any minute now”, Teclis the Archmage has yet to make his presence felt in the Mortal Realms.

His arrival was announced with much fanfare some months ago, with Sigmar describing it as ‘a new era for the Mortal Realms’. Since then however news has been light on the ground. Activity from the Realm of Light lifted some hopes, but it turned out to be a deployment of Lumineth infantry and a walking suit of armour some are labelling ‘creepy’ and ‘a bit weird’. Sigmar has since refused to comment, instead focusing on his bizarre 40,000 Hammers fiction series.

Despite their protestations to the contrary Teclis’ continued absence is beginning to be felt by the Lumineth, shaking their confidence and self-belief. We have received reports that some have been reaching out to the Idoneth Deepkin, who have significant experience being disappointed by Teclis.

Slaanesh’s offer to adopt the Lumineth has so far been ignored.

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