Beasts of Chaos – Incompetent Buffons or Saboteurs?

After months of failed raids and disastrous battles we have received rumours that questions are being asked within Chaotic circles about whether the so-called ‘True Children of Chaos’ are really doing their bit, or whether something more sinister is at play.

The most likely explanation, and the one reluctantly preferred by the Greatfrays, is that the Beasts have simply been left behind in the ever-moving arms race of the Mortal Realms. There is only so much one can do, according to this faction, with a pair of horns and a sharp rock. Their opposition points out that the Bonesplitter tribes are able to achieve much more with just the rock. 

Instead, some propose that the Beasts of Chaos have changed sides, acting as double agents for the forces of Order and sabotaging the efforts of Chaos. Their potential reasons for doing so remain unclear, though may be related to Chaos’ tendencies to burn down all the good paddocks before any decent grazing can occur.

Sigmar has so far refused to comment.

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