Orruk philosophers debate proper pronunciation of ‘Waaaagh!’

Now reaching the twentieth day of proceedings a regional Greenskin symposium has shown little signs of coming to a conclusion. The question? The correct way to pronounce the sacred Orruk battlecry: Waaaagh!.

The discussion was kicked off by Azgreb da Wise, Philosopher-Boss of the Scrolleaters. Azgreb proposed that the word should be tipped by a hard ‘g’ sound, symbolising the impact of a choppa after a decent swing. Counter arguments soon followed disputing the concept of ‘Waaagh’ having an end, and the possibility that a silent g could emphasise the eternal nature of violence.

The potential for agreement was potentially shattered on the twelfth day when Kolgit Goldgrabba, Big Thinka of the Skyjawz, dismissed the ‘W’ sound as ‘unorky’. He proposed that it be silent instead, resulting in a simple unending ‘Aaaaaa’. As more and more Orruk philosophers flood in to take part in the debate, an end seems further out of reach than ever before.

Editor’s note: Since going to print we have heard news of an emerging consensus amongst the Orruks. They appear to be rallying around Big Marka the Braniak whose proposal, that “Waaagh is never silent”, has proven to be agreeable to all the philosophers present. 

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