Khorne unleashes Bloodletters, boosts literacy

In response to mounting criticism of the Blood God’s commitment to his followers, Khorne has embarked on a campaign to increase literacy amongst the Bloodbound through the formation of new Bloodletter legions.

“Through the deployment of Bloodletters we’re hoping to encourage worshippers to have a look at learning new skills,” confirmed Exalted Bloodletter K. “Each Bloodletter is essentially an ambassador sent by Khorne to the wonderful world of books.”

The initiative has seen some early successes, with many of Khorne’s berzerkers now adopting new words such as ‘sanguine’ and ‘coagulate’ into their vocabulary. Whether this translates into lasting change for the hordes seems uncertain, but the increased number of raids into libraries and bookstores is being seen as encouraging by Khorne’s underlings.

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