Mortal Realms in lockdown, daemon weapons vindicated

As the population of the Mortal Realms enters lockdown there is at least one group that appears to be thriving. Daemon weapons, created by ritually trapping a daemon within a blade or similar killing device, have been considered weak and foolish by their infernal brethren in the past, but appear to be flourishing in this new environment.

“It’s nothing new that’s for sure,” confirmed Ten’tacor the Capricious, speaking to us from the axehead of the Ruinator. “I’ve spent a thousand years inside this axe, another month isn’t going to hurt.”

Social distancing has proved to be difficult however, with reports of Chaos warriors ignoring warnings and continuing to grasp daemon weapons around their hilt and swinging them into others.

“You definitely feel guilty, being used like that. Knowing that their ruined corpse will be used to spread plague, and you won’t even be there to see it? It’s a challenge.”

Current advice from the Varanspire is to leave daemon weapons inside their human skin sheaths whenever possible. If they need to be taken for a morning slaying try and stay within your own neighbourhood, and make sure to wipe them down afterwards with a disinfectant. Aelven blood is reported to work particularly well.

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