Local king declared insane, believes self to be flesh-eating ghoul

Long teetering on the edge of eccentricity, the Azyr Weekly can now confirm that King Theodar of the Gildenspire has finally plunged into madness. Confirming the worst fears of his friends and family the king has renamed himself King Theok’da of the Gorespike, and resorted to cannibalism.

According to friends and family his descent began innocently enough, with the occasional grunt and a preference for rare steaks. But this quickly progressed into summoning hordes of loyal knights at a moment’s notice, and preemptively striking anyone who dared draw near.

For the safety of himself and his kingdom Theok’da has been confined to his personal chambers, now known as the ‘Dankpit’, until a cure can be devised. Well-wishers are welcome, but are encouraged to wear nibbleproof clothing. Under no circumstances should they reunite him with his horse ‘Terrorgheist’.

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