Existence of pure ‘hounds’ hypothesised by experts

After decades of research and experimentation, members of the Collegiate Arcane have theorised the existence of an archetypal ‘hound’ or ‘dog’. 

“Take, for example, the noble gryph-hound,” explained head researcher Kari Casandor. “It has the features of a gryphon, certainly. But its demeanor, its size, these must have come from somewhere else. We hypothesise a second creature from which these characteristics originate, which we have named ‘hound’.”

These ‘Doggites’, as the researchers have become known, have put forward several pieces of evidence to support their wild ideas. Troublingly for the Doggites their arguments rely on several Chaotic entities such as Flesh Hounds and Warhounds, a fact which has drawn scorn from broader Azyrite society.

Experiments to remove the Chaotic influence from these beasts, leaving only the ‘Primordial Hound’ behind, have proven fruitless. However the Doggites have drawn hope from the recent appearance of a new breed of horse, uncovered by the Lumineth Realmlords.

“There are plenty of people in Azyr who have never seen a horse, only gryph-chargers, drakespawn, and other such mounts,” confirmed Casandor. “To find a thriving population of horses in Hysh is very encouraging.”

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