Mistake leds Chaos cult to worship ‘God of Petulance’

The Order of Azyr has made a shocking discovery in the town of Dunners, rooting out a cult of Nurgle worshippers. However rather than finding a den of plague and disease, the witch hunters have instead discovered a lair of vague annoyance. 

‘It appears that the cult leader was in fact quite hard of hearing’ explains Lead Investigator Dodd. ‘So when she heard the foul whispers of Chaos, well, she may have misheard a word or two.’

The cult appears to have worshipped Nurgle as a god of petulance and dismay, and spent their time causing petty inconveniences around Dunners and its surrounds. Such actions included knocking on the front doors of Sigmarite temples and running away, as well as turning up to taverns but refusing to tell the bartender what they wanted.

The Order doubts that the cult managed to summon any daemons with their behaviour, but did find a seaman locked inside the cult’s hideout who appears to have served a similar purpose.

Dodd has advised us that they are still on the lookout for splinter-cults in the area. If you spot anyone with a bad case of flatulence, or an overbearing sense of excellence, please report them to your local Order office.

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