Special Issue: God of Death searching for love

Without a hint of warning Nagash has issued the following challenge to the Mortal Realms: Find him true love, for face destruction.

Rumours abound as to who the Supreme Necromancer might pick as his paramour. An early favourite is Alarielle the Everqueen, perhaps the Realms’ most eligible goddess. Her detractors point out that she may prove far too lively a partner for Nagash. A second favourite is Khorne, with whom Nagash shares a love of skulls.

As the Mortal Realms wait with bated breath, the anticipation rises as we await the reveal of the new Consort of Death.

Editor’s Note: We have just received news from Arkhan the BLack. Nagash has delcared that a mirror, recently gifted to him by Mannfred, has proven the only object to be worthy of his love. Khorne is said to be heartbroken but coping well.

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