Freeguild recruitment surges, demand for hat-feathers at all time high

Following numerous victories by the Freeguild, recruitment in major cities has surged as citizens clamour for a chance at glory. The spike in new recruits, although a boon to the Free Cities, has had unforeseen effects on local economies as merchants scramble to provide uniforms. 

‘It’s stunning,’ commented local haberdasher Antoni. ‘I’d normally expect to buy in around a dozen feathers each week, but now I’m having to import hundreds from all across the Realms! I’ve even had to start picking them from my Gryph-Hound Akama when the orders get delayed, and they are not a fan.’ 

This has had flow-on effects to the Realms’ bird-life, as flight feathers become a highly sought-after item. Low-flying airships from the Kharadron Overlords have now become a common sight as they attempt to harpoon peacocks from their gun decks. Efforts have been made to curb the crisis, with strict hat-rationing implemented throughout the Freeguild. Officers are also attempting to revive more traditional methods of ornamentation such as puffy sleeves and brightly coloured trousers. 

In the meantime, the Azyr Weekly would encourage all the Free Peoples to do their bit to help. Suggestions include eating less birds at family meals, and keeping cats indoors.

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