Bonereapers ‘not all that’, indicate experts

Despite earning a fearful reputation since their first appearance in the Soul Wars, evidence is mounting that the Ossiarch Bonereapers may not be the world-ending threat that they first appeared to be.

“We’ve run the formulas, and done the studies” explains Knight-Statisticus Kindi. “The fact of the matter is that Bonereaper armies have yet to win a major war, and win just over half the battles that they fight in the first place. Hardly a dominating force in the Realms.”

Experts have proposed several explanations for these findings. The most popular theory, named the Burns’ Bottleneck Proposal, makes a connection between the proliferation of Bonereaper forces and their muted performance on the battlefield. According to this theory the sheer number of Bonereaper armies requires them to fight each other before reaching their true enemies, dulling their effectiveness.

Some see this as a cause for alarm, predicting that the constant in-fighting will only serve to sharpen the Bonereapers’ strategies. Others are dismissive, with one commentator claiming that Nagash will simply ‘run out of bones’ before making headway in his conquests.

Nevertheless, the Order of Azyr has been using the opportunity to remind Azyrite citizens of the martial supremacy of the Stormcast Eternals and confirms that there is nothing to fear. When we asked Knight-Statisticus Kindi for a rundown on the Stormcast’s military effectiveness we received no response.   

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