Slaves no more – Archaon embraces workers’ rights

In response to declining workforce numbers and increasing strikes, Archaon has overturned centuries of tradition by disbanding the Slaves of Darkness and moving towards a more modern, egalitarian vision. In four days time the armies of the Dark Gods will now be known as the ‘Valued Employees of Chaos’, and will be given wages and bonuses to match. 

The Varanspire’s Public Relations Office issued the following explanation:

‘For a long time slavery has been seen as the only model from which to build a Chaos-centric organisation, but we’ve been seeing a steady decrease in the number of workers within our employment structure. Our research found that alongside the expected attrition from war and daemonic sacrifice, many past ‘slaves’ were leaving us for more profitable ventures with the forces of Order or Death. What we’ve done here is put forward an employment package that will attract the best and brightest for Archaon’s legions’.

The Azyr Weekly can report exclusively that this package includes a guaranteed living wage adjusted annually for the cost of living, annual and sick leave allowances, as well as access to Varanspire-owned holiday homes located around the Mortal Realms.

Although some older fashioned Chaos worshippers have been vocally opposed to the change, the increased number of raids on Sigmarite outposts indicates that there’s been a surge in individuals taking up the new offer.

The Azyr Weekly would like to remind its readers that even if they pay well the forces of Chaos represent the literal armies of hell and should not be trusted. We recommend you read your contract thoroughly and join a local union if at all possible.

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