Stormcast Eternal reforged as Aetherwing, furious

For the past month Azyr has been rocked by allegations that Sigmar’s reforging process is not all that it seems. The Azyr Weekly can exclusively reveal to you the source of these rumours.

Zarel Heavensmite, a Knight-Azyros of the Hallowed Knights, was once a famed warrior of Sigmar. But those days seem long behind her as, after being slain in the Realm of Ghur, she has been reforged in the form of an Aetherwing. She had this to say;


The Azyr Weekly has been unable to find anyone to publicly take responsibility for this error, but spoke to a source who wished to remain anonymous.

‘The Reforging process has seen better days, that’s for sure. With all the wars going on, and the Necroquake, the Six Smiths are just rushing through as many as they can each day. They probably saw a Stormcast that used to fly, got distracted by a bird out the window, and didn’t think twice. Mistakes are bound to happen.’

Rumours abound of additional souls being waylaid by the Six Smiths, the most serious concerning the destination of the animal souls misplaced during the process. We vow to cover this in a future issue, and in the meantime are asking our readers for any tips regarding the newly forged Knight-Azyros ‘Polly Seedeater’. Any information will be welcomed.

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