Aleguzzler Gargant overcomes stereotypes, alcoholism

Surprising many of his tribemates, Gluk Largegulp has become the first Gargant since the Age of Myth to go a month completely sober.

‘At first, hard. And sometimes, still hard,’ confirmed Gluk. ‘But can enjoy Sunday morning now. Big plus.’

Gargants, or ‘Aleguzzlers’ as they are colloquially known, have historically experienced issues with alcohol. Many place the blame on socio-economic factors linked to the Age of Chaos.

‘In the past, Gargants would roam the realms eating livestock or finding employment with mercenary companies,’ explained local expert Andre l’Homme. ‘But during the Age of Chaos their traditional ways of life were disrupted, and many were enslaved by the Everchosen. Nowadays many of them have been freed, but they’ve been disconnected from their traditional ways of life. It’s no wonder that many succumb to alcoholism.’

Gluk puts his own success down to his friendship with a clan of halflings, the Accomplished Associates, who supported him through the process.

‘Little people, big help. Give food, give nice words. Gluk love little people.’

Gluk and the Accomplished Associates have since begun to spread the good word, and assist other Gargants with their own challenges. Whether the realms will benefit from a growing population of sober, competent Gargants none can say.

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