Special Issue: Sigmar gets homesick, develops time machine

After months of moping and sulking, Sigmar has finally confided in his closest companions the shocking truth; he feels homesick, and he’s going to do something about it. Work on the time machine has begun in earnest with the greatest minds from across the Realms being called to assist in the Great Project.

“Chance to work alongside God-King very nice, yes-yes,” confirmed Lead Engineer Ketch Man-Thing. “Build big machine, dig-burrow through time, exciting time to be man-thing.”

Not everyone has been happy about the idea however, and protests have erupted across Azyrheim. Many appear concerned that, despite assurances to the contrary, Sigmar is losing interest in the Mortal Realms. Others have the more pressing fear that bridging the gap may lead to the world blowing up, again.

With the end still some years off, the Azyr Weekly can report that Archaon has already been hitting the training pits in preparation for ‘Round Two’, while the Greenskins have been preparing a welcome home party for the mythical Ironhide. Sigmar himself has been preparing his population for the change by ordering them to start balancing on square tiles and practice standing uncomfortably close to each other.

For anyone interested in making the journey, the Azyr Weekly advises you consult your local Chronomancer to confirm whether the trip is right for you. Remember, the grass always looks greener in the other realm.

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